A Picturesque Collection Of Tibetan Tents

Tibetan Nomadic Tents

Tibetan Nomadic Tents

These tent are made of purely yak fabric. It takes great effort to make one tent as it is totally handmade.

They made it depending on the size of the family and generally, the most of nomadic family has more than five family members.

So it comes around more 30 square meters and weight more than 2 tonnes.

It is cosy inside during spring and autumn but during summer it’s cool. It is a century old Tibetan tradition follow by Tibetan nomads.

But these days the usage of yak fabric tents are decreasing.

Gorgeous Designs of Tibetan Tent

These tents are very colorful and beautiful. The colorful tents are used for summer festivals and family picnic.

After long harsh winter in Tibet, Tibetan people love to enjoy during summer as it is warm and scenery. It is full of life during the summer.

Every family owns a beautiful tent and they stay in tents for weeks during summer as a picnic.

Tibetan people love horse racing and every corner of Tibetan range host a local horse racing festival.

This is the only time for local people to gather and celebrate the summer festival.

There will be hundreds of colorful tents place on the vast grassland of Tibet during the festival.

It comes with different design and size. The art graphic printed on tents are the mostly auspicious signs of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Tibetan Picnic Tent